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Hidayatullah National Law University Student Review (HNLUSR)

The Hidayatullah National Law University Student Review (HNLUSR) is the flagship student-run publication of Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur. It is a bi-annual, student-edited, peer-reviewed, open access law journal published annually. The aim of the journal is to promote inter-disciplinary and empirical discussions on diverse areas of law, and draw attention to and provide critical insight into crucial issues impacting the legal sphere.

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Inconsistent Capital Punishment Jurisprudence: A Longstanding Enigma

– Vishesh Bhardwaj* India’s capital punishment system is in disarray. According to the 262nd report of the Law Commission, capital punishment sentences are being administered “arbitrarily and freakishly”. From time immemorial, the death penalty has been used as a punishment for the most egregious crimes, with an objective to do away with criminals. The Indian […]

Maternity Benefits under the Code of Social Security, 2020: A Feminist Critique

– Malaika Shivalkar & Rishika Arya* Social security, quite literally, means the freedom from worry for the political society. It is an umbrella term for several benefits and entitlements available to employees and workers, as depicted below. In India, social security is broadly divided into seven categories, i.e. healthcare and medical insurance, retirement benefits, unemployment […]

Deliberating the Issue of Online Gaming Through a Public Policy Perspective: The Case of PUBG

– Anshika Gubrele & Kaustubh Kumar* PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (hereinafter ‘PUBG’) Mobile was banned in India on September 2, 2020 owing to the relations of the game developers with a Chinese company, Tencent. The government in its order stated that the game was “engaged in activities which are prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India, […]

Retributive Justice for Crimes Against Children

– Nikhilesh Koundinya* “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” is the principle on which the retributive theory of justice functions. Salmond while defining the same held that the purpose it serves is that of punishing the criminal for the heinous and barbaric acts which he/she has committed against the society. […]

Apple Inc. App Store Policy: A Conundrum of Modern Competition Law

– Tanusha Tyagi & Anabhra Chatterjee* India is a major market where domestic and international tech companies vie for market share. Antitrust issues that have arisen in other countries have also resonated in India. Digital markets in India are growing exponentially and this has resulted in increased scrutiny by the antitrust regulator to prevent dominant […]